The HERDSMAN (Boötes)
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Mr. R.

The HERDSMAN (Boötes)
The Herdsman is a large constellation that is fairly easy to find.  To find Arcturus, start at the Big Dipper's handle.  Following the curve of the handle to the left arc over to Arcturus.
The star Arcturus will soon be a red giant and has an obvious orange color to it.

To find the Herdsman, first start with the triangle of his body.  Then add his large circular head.  He'll need a baseball cap to keep the sun out of his eyes.  Imagine his legs dangling in a stream of water while he sits on an imaginary rock.  Finally, add his smoking pipe which ends right next to the last star in the Big Dipper's handle.

Some people locate the Bootes by find the asterism, the kite with Arcturus at the tail of the kite.

My favorite constellations, the Herdsman may be seen in the spring through the fall.

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